Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, December 29, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. My love finding a job after being laid off... It was the answer to my prayers.. and a wonderful Christmas gift for him.

2. Sleeping a couple of hours late because I'm off all week -- seems to give my body some rejuvenation!

3. This little old guy at the oil change/tire place that I've gone to for years... anytime he see's me or my car he gives me a big "hello darlin'!" it absolutely makes my day.

4. Christmas Eve service with my friend (and fabulous hairdresser) Paige... It was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve since my family is scattered all across creation and we don't get to get together for holidays.

5. my hair growing a couple more inches. I will never again cut it off in the middle of a crisis.. never.

6. Holiday sales.

What are you most thankful for this week?

ps. sorry my posts have been sporadic again. I PROMISE to try to get on track for those of you lovelies who keep hanging around... you light my world when I see your comments. :)

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, December 22, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:

1. NYC with Summer being less than 3 months away.

2. Bold party blend Chex Mix.

3. Finding out today that my "sister" is scheduled or induction to have my niece on January 6th!

4. An entire week off of work next week to unwind, relax and rejuvenate!

5. Rekindling a friendship with someone who has known me since I was 13... That's 12 years!

6. Slowly realizing what's best for me over what's best for someone else.. Putting myself first for a change.

7. All the nail mail that will be coming to me soon!!!

What are you thankful for this week?

Mini sale/swap. Literally.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
So, theres no "real" blog post today, but I wanted to let you ladies know... Recently I bought 3 of the Milani holographic polishes, and I've learned that holo's just really aren't up my alley, SO. There is no need in keeping them in my stash if I'm never going to use them. I have Hi-Res, Cyberspace and Digital.

Is there anyone reading that might be interested in either buying them or swapping? I'm down for whatever. I'll swap you my 3 for your 1, or sell them fairly cheap. I just want to give them a new home, since I know after swatching them, I'm NEVER going to actually use them.

Leave me a comment if you're interested :)

Pink Wednesday.

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

I have decided to do my very first Pink Wednesday,... considering pink is my favorite color, I thought... why not? 

Oh yea, I decided to start writing on my pictures,... It helps me keep track of all the stuff I have waiting to be posted..

The Acne Files... Day Zero.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

There is something about me that not many people are ever privy to... And that is the fact that I have suffered with acne since I was 13. My skin used to be outrageously horrendous. And those of us that suffer from acne that bad, know how much it can affect the self-esteem. It is the worst feeling in the world to wake up in the morning and know that you can't cover all your acne, or all the scarring. I have been fortunate in the fact that I have grown out of a lot of my acne.. but it is still bad, to me. I still look in the mirror sometimes and see that 13 year old that wished every night that her face would clear up so she wouldn't be so embarrassed. I was browsing YouTube a couple of days ago, and I happened upon this video.

I have tried several treatments over the years... pretty much everything short of going on Accutane, which I will NEVER do. Proactive, pills, lotions, etc etc etc. I've tried several combinations of face washes, topical ointments and moisturizers,... all with very minimal results... but I decided to go ahead and try this routine... I needed new face wash anyway. And tea tree oil is something that I've definitely never tried. Going against my better judgement, I have decided to document my progress with this routine here... because well... its my blog. :) I very rarely EVER let anyone see me without some kind of foundation on,... so you guys should feel very privileged. My skin may not look bad to you guys,... but the scars of acne run deeper than just the face. I realize that this documentation may be disgusting to some people, lol... but I'm doing this for those who might be reading that might suffer from the same thing I do.

The basic routine as described by Christin is the blue one twice a day.. the orange one once or twice a week,.. and the tea tree oil as a spot treatment. But in my case, I put it all over my face because I have too many spots. Tea tree oil is extremely drying, so I'm hoping that my face can stand it.

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011
This post is coming to you courtesy of my iPhone again... I fell asleep before I could schedule a post last night & I don't want to miss my Thankful Thursday.

This week I am especially thankful for:
1. Being able to crawl back under the covers for a few minutes before getting ready for work.

2. Starting my car in the morning 5 minutes before i leave to get rid of all the frost & my car being warm and toasty before my commute.

3. My urban decay naked 2 palette shipping yesterday! SO excited!!

4. Nail mail.

5. Buying Christmas presents for Wyatt & Laila for the first time.. Yes. I cried a little in the aisle way at Target.

6. Fire engine red hair!

7. Last but not least... All my followers! When I started this blog i did not expect to get many followers.. I am glad you have joined me. :)

What are you thankful for this week?


Tuesday, December 6, 2011
I'm blogging from my phone right now just to tell you... I just ordered my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay! I am abbbsolutely positively in love with Naked 1... So knowing there was a sequel.. I had to have it! I wound up paying just 45 for it because I had a coupon code + they have free shipping over 35 going on right now! UD is one of my absolute favorite makeup lines.. So excited for Naked 2! Or as my friends make fun of me when I say naked.. Nekkid 2.

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

This week I am especially thankful for:
1. air-dried hair
2. Fozzie Bear and Snuffleupagus.. and Elmo.
3. Freschetta pizza... nom nom nom.
4. Castleville on FB... I am ADDICTED to that game.
5. lowering my debt to credit ratio... 6 years of HARD WORK is finally paying off
6. making a budget
7. my hair appt with my favorite hair dresser ever, Paige, on Saturday. 
8. My niece being due in less than 2 weeks! *squeal*
9. The year anniversary of my love's knee surgery being on Sunday. I am super duper proud of how far he's come in a year! 

What are you thankful for this week?

ps.i changed my layout... what do you think?

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, November 24, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. My homemade chocolate pecan pie.
2. Green bean casserole. 
3. 4-day weekends.
4. Being under the covers in a freezing cold room.
5. Awaphui Wild Ginger sea spray by Paul Mitchell.. it makes my hair fabulously curly!
6. and last but not least this week I am thankful for: 
pic taken Thankgiving afternoon.

The birth of my new little "nephew." God did not see fit to bless my parents with a sister for me, but He did see fit to bless me with a group of friends that are more like sisters than friends... Their children are becoming my surrogate nieces and nephews and this is little Wyatt Howard who was born after 24 hours of labor at 6:56am on Wednesday morning! He is 9 pounds and 2 ounces and 21.5 inches long. He is perfect in every single way, and I am so proud of his mommy, Marissa! 

Myself and Wyatt on his first day of life.. proud auntie here!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so much to be thankful for not only today, but everyday of the year, and sometimes I lose sight of those things. I am immeasurably blessed.

stash, anyone?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Don't do anything halfway, unless you're willing to be half happy."

This is honestly probably just a post for me to document things, but I've decided to go ahead and post up stash photos. Shortly before I began my addiction to nail polish, I would literally go WEEKS with extremely chipped nails or nakey nails. So, I maybe had 10 or 20 bottles of polish that I'd had for years, in your basic colors.  Then I entered the lovely, lovely world of nail polish... and discovered so many new horizons. And my stash has grown.... considerably. Its not as big as some bloggers that I follow,... but its big to me!

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. hot baths
2. my charlie brown christmas tree.
3. flannel.
4. waking up each day.
5. communication and forgiveness.
6. naps on rainy days.
7. conversations with half my heart until 3am.

What are you thankful for this week?

a new favorite!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
"Don't take a fence down until you know why it was put up." 
~Robert Frost

Happy Wednesday, guys... I hope mid-week finds you well... we're almost to Friday! YES! Today I have for you a polish that I now consider a new favorite... I love, love, love discovering new favorite polishes.

mini haul.

Sunday, November 13, 2011
"there is an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. there is a beauty in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path, who isn't thrown off by obstacles along the way. there is a beauty about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences; who knows she can fall, pick herself up, and go on."

Today I have for you a mini haul I did the other week when I needed to do some emotional shopping. Of course where is my favorite place to emotionally shop for nail polish? Sally's of course!

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, November 10, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. conversations that speak my heart and free me.
2. nekkid nails... no polish for a day.
3. my friends. 
4. my puppies who snuggle my neck when they know i'm sad.
5. steaming hot baths where you feel free to cry.. and let it all out. 

What are you thankful for this week?

ps. normal posts to resume soon -- i promise. still on a rollercoaster.. honestly haven't felt like blogging.

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. Second chances.
2. Potentially going to see Paranormal Activity 3 with the other half of my heart tonight.
3. Summer. Marissa. Spen'sar. Who prove to be my backbone right now more than I could've ever dreamed.
4. Finding light at the end of the tunnel when you think there is no positive outcome. 
5. the Julep Maven program. 
6. Renewing friendships that you thought were long lost. and learning to see eye to eye, despite the many differences between us.

Ladies, What are you thankful for?

My apologies for disappearing from the blogging world.... it has honestly been a horrible, horrible week. I've been on a roller-coaster of emotions, and there still seems to be no end in sight, but I'm trying to see the positives. Hopefully I will get back in the swing of nail polish soon... but honestly, it hasn't been on my top list of priorities... I will catch up with you all soon. xx

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, October 27, 2011
This week I am especially thankful for:
1. My surrogate sister teaching me how to apply false eyelashes for the first time... and wearing them all day long. She created a monster. Its the little things.
2. My trip to NYC with my soul sister, Summer, drawing closer and closer. 
3. Text messages of daily reminders of how much I'm loved. In response to "theres a really beautiful sunrise this morning." I get,.. "I'm sure it is, but the most beautiful sun to me will always be you."
4. Surprise lunch plans with my best friend aka my heart.. Just talking. Just laughing. Away from the world and everyone else. Its the little things.
5. YES. I CAN wear red lipstick, and it looks okay.
6. Gardetto's Special Request: Garlic Roasted Rye chips. Yummy. Heaven in a bag.
7. My green stripey socks.
8. My sockmonkey I sleep with every night because I'm scared of the dark. Yes, folks. I am 25 and still afraid of the dark.
9. Pinterest!

What are you thankful for today?

so tangled.

Monday, October 24, 2011
"In everyone's past there is a love they can't get over and a summer where it all began."

Happy Monday everyoneee! Today I have for you one of my new favorite mani's.... I recently went a little crazy in a blog sale, and got my hands on some of the Wet N Wild On the Prowl collection! I've not been able to find it anywhere around here, so I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong CVS' or what. I combined one of my favorite polishes with Tangled in My Web.

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week I am especially thankful for:
1. My amazing friends. Who still continue to pull me through my roughest times. 
2. My love resetting one of my passwords today to "sunny123" because he calls me his sunshine
3. Pictures with my surrogate sister on Saturday, followed by her baby shower dinner with our closest friends + my mom.
4. My pibbles (pit bulls). And anytime I get to snuggle with them.
5. The Disney channel during the weeks leading up to Halloween. Halloweentown movies and Hocus Pocus make me happy. 
6. Posting "I've got nothin" as a reminder to myself of a song on Facebook, and getting a text from my heart that says "you got me, sunshine."
7. the little things... every single day that I get to experience them.

favorite, favorite, favorite.

"There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go." 
-Tennessee Williams

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope you all made it over hump day okay,... Mine was a little rough going, dang migraines! Today I have for you my absolute favsies nail polish in the WORLD. And the only reason I dont wear it more often than I do, is because it is the most MISERABLE stuff to get off. Any guesses on what it is before you peek??

lil update.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Hey my beauties,... I'm horrible at this blogging thing, aren't I? Just a little note to keep you guys updated, I'll be back with more polish posts and stuff soon,.. While I love nail polish, I think I'm going to steer this blog more towards polish, makeup, daily ramblings, etc etc etc.. We'll see what happens. I changed my layout... you like?!

I had a pretty eventful 3 day weekend... had lunch with my love on Friday,... did some much needed stuff around the house Saturday & helped a friend of mine paint some in her new house today! Also, tonight was the season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead. I, of course, being obsessed with zombies... watched. And it did NOT disappoint! Is anyone else into The Walking Dead?? Zombies in general? Scary stuff? Halloween is coming soon! So excited!

Thankful Thursday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011
"In the presence of trouble, some people grow wings.. others buy crutches."
(I refuse to buy crutches. I will grow wings. That which does not kill me only makes me stronger.)

I have seen this all across the blogosphere ever since I've been reading blogs, so before I go to sleep tonight, I wanted to go ahead and make this first Thankful Thursday post, and hope to continue it...

This week I am especially thankful for:
1. Amazing friends. My backbone and my support system. Summer, Marissa.
2. Baby Wyatt's due date drawing ever closer
3. An amazing friend who is more of a sister than anything Spen'sar, and the birth of my niece, Laila only about 9 weeks away.
4. A good hair day.. err.. hair "night" rather.
5. The punkin roll that Marissa shared with me today.
6. Being able to have a Plan B to avoid disaster.
7. The love of an amazing man that washes over me every time he's near me. My best friend. My heart
8. nail polish. :)

Happy Thursday night everybody... Tomorrow is Friday! 

Its a pink thing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
"True love cannot be defined by any means. It is a cluster of adjectives. It's crazy, passionate, complicated, painful, but most importantly --- true love is real. It's that feeling of being inexplicably drawn to another person. Love isn't finding someone who you can escape reality with, its finding someone who makes your reality worthwhile."

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Today I have for you... dun dun dun: PINK! I know such a change up from my glitter vampiness,.. but. Something really fabulous and special is happening at my work tomorrow,... we're having what we call a "Pink Out day",... if you wear pink, you get to be casual for the day and at the same time support the Susan G Komen For the Cure Foundation,... I think it is something incredible for us to be doing,... we've had all kinds of fundraisers and stuff, all monies donated go to the foundation. So in honor of wearing pink tomorrow, I knew my nails just HAD to match somehow.. so today I present to you, China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I was in Sally's the other day because I got my 15% off coupon, and I saw this polish on the shelf. It's a polish that benefits the Susan G Komen foundation, and after I saw the color in the bottle, I fell in LOVE... however, I did not realize just how much more in love I would fall, until I put it on my nails. 

Unfortunately, my pictures could not capture all the beauty of this polish and since there is no sun right now as its night time, I can't take sunlight pictures.... just believe me and trust me when I say that this polish is stunning. It applies like a DREAM and has gold flecks in it.

ABC... easy as 123..

Monday, October 10, 2011
So, I knew when I started this blog, that I didn't want it to strictly be about nail polish, beauty, or makeup,... because after all it is my blog, and my outlet,.. so I've decided to start doing random things that I see on some people's blogs that I follow. Today JeNeal over @Pieces of Luv posted the ABC's of her... I decided to try this too, as its an interesting way to learn about new people. So those of you that may read strictly for nail polish stuff, please skip over this one.. :) Hope everyone is having a great Monday night!

ink blot.

"Dont repeat chapters; the story will never change."

Hey ya'll... hope everyone is doin' well! Have a couple of things today.. 1st, courtesy of Melu and her instructions, I created myself a little button,... I dont expect many people to grab it as I don't have that many followers, but I thought it was a pretty nifty idea! 2nd, I've been blessed with some awards, which I will be blogging about ASAP, thank you ladies for recognizing me... :) and 3rd... My brother left to go back home, so my blogging should get back to a fairly regular schedule! Today I have for youuuu... Lemon Fizz from China Glaze, Fairy dust from China Glaze, and Ebony Hates Chris from Wet n Wild!

I'm alive!!

Friday, October 7, 2011
I am sooo sorry for disappearing again! My brother has been in town and I've honestly not had the time.. But I wanted to post a lil somethin somethin.

How is everyone doing? Weekend plans? Thanks for stickin with me! xx

babies, babies everywhere.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

One of my girlfriends, Marissa, had her baby shower on Sunday,... so I had to do something blue. Her baby shower was amazing, and I enjoyed spending time with some of my best friends, including the mommy to my new little niece due in December. I can't wait for Marissa to have little Wyatt, though. He's due November 23rd!

i'm living in a glitter world..

Sunday, October 2, 2011
"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore." -Vincent Van Gogh

Today, tonight rather, I have for you Facets of Fuchsia from the Revlon fall collection,... I LOVE this. However, I have not used it by itself. 

perfectly nude.

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Just when we think we’ve figured things out, the universe throws us a curve ball. So we have to improvise, we find happiness in unexpected places, we find our way back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way, sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong.
~Grey's Anatomy

Ya'll really have NO IDEA how excited I am for this post today... I'm about to show ya'll what I think is absolutely my favorite mani that I've ever done on myself... truly. I've decided to seriously go on a no buy of polish after the end of this month because I still need to do the Zoya promo,... but my last buy of nail polish this month was the Revlon glitter fall collection. I had seen it swatched all over the place, and found the collection at Walgreens and picked it up,... I am absolutely IN LOVE with these. I of course had to use the pink one first, but I didn't want to JUST use the Revlon polish,... so I decided to use Zoya Minka with it.

Sidenote: I have a goal of using every single polish in my small stash before I purchase any new stuff,... this should take me months, so lets hope that I can stick to this!

makeup makes my world go 'round.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
"Sometimes I wonder if anything's absolute anymore. Is there still right and wrong? Good and bad? Truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable,left to interpretation, grey. Sometimes we're forced to bend the truth, transform it, cause we're faced with things that are not of our own making. And sometimes things simply catch up to us." 
-One Tree Hill

When I first decided to make this blog, I knew that it wouldn't be all about polish,... because lets face it,.. I have yet to get super good at nail art, stamping, water marbling, or anything else, so some of my posts of the "color of the moment" get kind of blah and redundant. So, in making this blog, I knew this would be my place to post any makeup hauls, clothing hauls, quotes, polish, or WHATEVER I felt like at the moment.. Hint at the fact that this is considered, "my wonderland." So, today's post will be about my excursion to Sephora on Friday night. 


Saturday, September 24, 2011
Change can be so constant; sometimes you don't realize there's a change until its already here.

Okay guys... This is going to be a non-nail polish post...  my next few posts are going to be some "hauls" I've done lately, such as clothes and yes... nail polish. Today's post is going to center around a change I recently made. I tend to change my hair if I've just experienced a break-up or I'm going through a "trauma" of sorts... and feel like a change is needed. I'm experiencing some issues with someone that I considered a friend, and it's had me all torn up emotionally the last month or so... so last Wednesday I decided to get to my stylist and make a change. It tends to be cathartic for me, in that I make the change and tend to let the past go... so far, I'm taking it a day at a time and doing pretty well. Before Wednesday I was blonde with a black shadowbox in my bangs and the underneath of my hair.. I also had pink in there. I walked out a red-head, but kept the black shadowbox.


Again, sorry for the lack of bloggage, there is some coming soon, I promise! I'm finally feeling tons better where I don't feel I have to be in bed constantly, or doped up on cold meds! But, I've decided to join Blog Lovin' as well... just in case some people prefer to follow there.. just trying to make myself more accessible even though I'm fairly new to this whole thing... :) Hope you're all having a great weekend! Happy Saturday!


Thursday, September 22, 2011
My loves.. I'm so sorry for the lack of bloggage lately... I've been under the weather and trying to get better by sleeping and medicine! New blogs soon, I promise! How is your week going?

down the rabbit hole..

Monday, September 19, 2011
"Only a few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do; some… don’t ever want to." -The Cheshire Cat, Alice

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I'm going to continue to try to keep up with this posting almost everyday thing, but I can't make many promises. I work 10 hour days then get home and just wanna go to bed... not paint nails, haha. I had been painting my nails at work, til the love of mine started having asthma attacks.. and I don't think its fair for me to be painting my nails but telling others they can't SO. Its few and far between for me to get a new mani in, but I will try! 

Ya'll know how much I've been loving Midtown Magic by China Glaze,... I think its been on my nails in some form since I got it.. so today I'm gonna show ya'll some things I did with it... Warning, this is kinda picture heavy.

what a sponge!

Sunday, September 18, 2011
People always talk about that moment when they fell for their best friend. There never was a moment for me and mine. I've always loved him.
~Michelle Burns

So first things first, thank YOU to all those who have decided to follow me,.. I never ever expected to have a following, lol. This was sort of just going to be my creative outlet, but I'm so glad to have you guys :) Secondly, I've started making some edit's to my sidebar over there and made me a spiffy little blog header (Which im having a difficult time deciding which of the 3 I made to use, lol) via Shabby Blogs. What do ya'll think??

Today I am presenting sort of a nail fail/nail success... nail fail because it didn't turn out how I wanted it to, and I wanted to take it off ASAP before I added an element to it, and nail success because its the mani that made me comfy with sponging,.. it was only my second time, and I'm feeling more and more confident every time!

L-R: Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac; Zoya - Yummy; Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow

Click below to see the result!

Such magic.

Saturday, September 17, 2011
The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

I cannot seem to stop using CG Midtown Magic... it seems to always find its way into my mani's lately,.. I think I need to lock it away somewhere safe! However, Midtown Magic did not make it into the below bottle shot... and, you gotta love the random places I take pictures, lol... I don't have anything setup at the moment for my pictures, so I take them wherever I can! 

L-R: Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar; Sinful Colors - Folly; Sinful Colors - Queen of Beauty


Friday, September 16, 2011
‎"if you want to get love, then give it. if you want to feel some forgiveness, then you gotta let go and do some forgiving of your own. if you want a friend, then be one. a little kindness, show some. you'll be surprised at how much finds it way back home. it don't matter what  it is. if you want it... give."
-LeAnn Rimes

In honor of a very special anniversary to me today, I present to you a very simple mani... 14 months ago today I met the one that would forever alter the course of where I thought my life was going. My best friend, my compass, and the apple of my eye. Never in my life did I dream I could love someone this much. Yellow is his favorite color. Honestly. I hate yellow. I rarely wear it and I rarely ever wear it on my nails. However, I am lemming for Pippa by Zoya,... anyway. I didn't really have time to do anything super elaborate, and lets face it guys, I'm still kinda learning... lol. But I did want to honor the occasion in a way that only we will notice... (:

The colors: Sinful Colors - All About You; Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow; Sinful Colors - Lets Meet; Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011
"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

Today I have for you.... a nail fail. I have had several of them, but this is one that I actually documented. I'm not quite sure what my original thinking was or where I was going, but it turned out super ugly and messy. I think maybe I was just going for a diagonal, alternating rainbow affect.. but instead ended up with goopy sloppy lines! I wonder how it would've turned out had I thought to put black crackle over top of it... I'm not super steady with my hands anyway, my hands have shaken my whole entire life... some days are worse than others. SOOO, i'm going to blame this nail fail on shaky hands instead of lack of artistic ability... (:

So, these were the colors I chose... From L to R we have: Sinful Colors - Snow Me White; Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow; Sally Hansen - Green with Envy; Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac; Sinful Colors - Cream Pink and Zoya - Yummy.

And for the nail fail....
I think had my hand been steadier and been able to do semi-straight, not squiggly lines, it MIGHT have turned out okay. I was kinda bummed that I didn't try to use CG Black Mesh over top to see how it cracked. Sigh. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision! 

Its my party..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
"Tough times don't last... but tough people do."

Today I have for you... my birthday mani (even though my birthday was the 4th!)! My awesome friend Summer gave me some color club polishes for a birthday present, so I wanted to try them out first chance I got, and low and behold it was my birthday night... I didn't do anything supa fly or fabulous, because ya'll, I'm still new at this and learning, but I came up with something that suited me and my personality. 

This is the lovely set she got me! I LOVE these colors,... well for sure the two that I've used I love. Do these have names? I couldn't find them, but I used the dark grayish color on the end, and the pink! 

My apologies, I didn't realize these were so blurry til I got them on my PC,... and its obviously too late to take new pics, haha. But basically, I did all but my ring finger in the grayish color. And of course an accent nail. But.. as much as I loved this.. it just didn't have what I wanted on my birthday.. 

Enter Spark by Wet N Wild! Ya'll know I'm a glitter addict! I had to have SOME glitter somewhere.

All in all, I liked this one... I only wore it for my birthday though. I'm interested to see what my little brain will conjure up next for these color club polishes. This was honestly the first time I'd ever used Color Club and must admit, they are impressive! Can't wait to get more!

Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Monday, September 12, 2011
"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." ~Joseph Campbell

Today I've decided to feature my go to color; my favorite in the entire world (at the moment); For Audrey by China Glaze! For Audrey is absolutely my go to color. When I have zero inspiration for what color I want to wear that day, its always this one. I wear it on my toes constantly! I must give credit where credit is due, however, and say that if Summer over at Groupie Glam, one of my dear dear friends, hadn't told me to look at swatches of it... I NEVER would've purchased it. I just never would've thought it was appealing... But, how clever of CG to also make For Audrey into a Crackle and call it Crushed Candy. But, crushed candy, has been in my crackle/shatter collection for awhile, and I've yet to use it.. maybe thats my next mission...

SEE! they are exactly the same! Was I the only one that didn't notice this until I had both For Audrey and Crushed Candy in my stash?

Here it is all by itself,... sigh. I just absolutely love this color. Maybe because I have fancy dreams of maybe getting a Tiffany ring from my prince charming someday?!

and this, my friends, is one of my absolute favorite ways to wear this polish... with OPI Silver Shatter on top! I came up with this idea one day when I was staring down at my stash of polish and knew I wanted to wear For Audrey but wanted to spice it up a bit... the affect was amazing and I got SEVERAL compliments on this mani. I actually wore it for days.

With flash. Absolutely beautiful to me! So basically, this was just base coat of Gelous, 2 coats of For Audrey, one coat of OPI Silver Shatter, and no top coat. 

So,... what do you think? Hit or Miss?

The Life I Know.

Sunday, September 11, 2011
‎"she wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face knowing that yesterday when she needed him.. he was there,.. and today when she looks for him... he'll be in the same place."

Today I have for you my current manicure featuring some polishes from my most recent mini haul. I have to admit it; I am a glitter addict. I go completely crazy anytime I see ANY glitter polish, especially if it looks pretty to me. I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do, so I just kind of went with it. The result was 3 coats of CG in the City and sponged tips with Midtown Magic... both from the Metro Collection. I have to say, I am kind of impressed with the result even if no one else is, only because this was my first time EVER using a makeup sponge to sponge on polish,... and I actually LOVE the affect. So we'll see what else I can come up with. 

Gotta love the claw pictures. This was the best picture I could get, considering it was night time when I did this. I absolutely LOVE both these polishes. CG in the City got surprisingly opaque with only 3 coats, but I kinda wish I'd used a base coat. Midtown Magic is just... amazing. Its so pretty in the bottle... I can't wait to do a full manicure with it! Again its kind of reminiscent of both Sloane and Rich in Heart, but I think there are some major differences. Whats with me buying the same color family?

Holding both the new precious additions to my collection. Forgive the lack of clean up. Its late. I want to go to bed. Lol.

Ah, so in love! 

Edited this post with a flash pic to show all the glittery goodness! I'm IN LOVE.

What do you guys think? Was this a hit or miss? I THINK it would've looked better with Minka from Zoya underneath CG in the City, but I'm not entirely sure that it would have the same affect. I'm still learning! :)


You're all I've got.

Saturday, September 10, 2011
"We are joined by the bonds of love. And you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds. And you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords."
~The Princess Bride

SOOOO. I know I said I was going to try to have a no buy September or October,... well. That all COMPLETELY went down the drain. However, I'm justifying by saying.. I will only buy polish if a) I have a coupon for Sallys b) if Walgreens has amazing sales on Sinful Colors/Wet N Wild and c) if I find a goooood deal. With that being said, I've made a couple "mini" hauls the last few days. The first was Friday morning on my way to work, and the second... Today at Sally's. Gotta love the 15% off coupons in the mail.

My first haul was Walgreens + OPI Absolutely Alice which I had been lusting after for the longest time:
L to R we have: Sugar Sugar - Sinful Colors; Ebony Hates Chris - Wet n Wild; How I Met Your Magenta - Wet n Wild; Rich in Heart - Sinful Colors. ANDDDD the star of this set is, OPI Absolutely Alice. Which a friend of mine ordered from a friend of hers.. and now.. it is my new favorite in my collection :D

My second haul was today,... I got my 15% off coupon in the mail from Sallys, so of course... I can't turn that down:
L to R we have: California Mango cuticle remover; CG in the City - China Glaze (from the Metro Collection);  Midtown Magic - China Glaze (from the Metro Collection); Dorothy Who? - China Glaze (from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection); California Mango cuticle oil; and just a little blinged out nail file I got for .69 cents.

I'm still not exactly QUITE sure why I got Dorothy Who, other than I want to see for myself if it is anything like Absolutely Alice from OPI,... man I'm so in love with Absolutely Alice.. but it is the WORST polish in the world I've ever had to take off! For now, I'll bid you adieu and hope that you are having a fantastic weekend... :)

Rich in Heart

First of all, major apologies for not posting lately.. I'm such a bad blogger! I'm attempting this "blog from the iPhone" thing to see how it turns out.. It may be easier for me to blog this way, since I'm not always near my PC.

Today is just a quick post to show you the color I'm rockin' today in anticipation of fall weather! It's called Rich in Heart by Sinful Colors,... It reminds me a lot of Zoya Sloane... Comparison post soon?

Without further ado... Rich in Heart! Minus cleanup and amazing cuticles! And minus a bottle picture.. I haven't mastered those yet.


Saturday, September 3, 2011
So sorry that I have not been blogging. Its actually my birthday weekend, and I've had some plans and have been away from my computer. Today, I decided to blog about my most recent Zoya haul. I'm attempting to have a no buy September and October, because I've literally spent SO MUCH money on nail polish in the last 3 months, lol. I have some that I haven't even used yet, so I'm going to let those curb my addiction for awhile. Not to mention Summer over at Groupie Glam bought me some nail polish for my birthday... along with this FABULOUS beautiful pink picture frame... she knows me so well!

I did the last Zoya promotion (not the free shipping one going on right now), and wound up buying 4 polishes... I have definitely become a big Zoya fan, I love their polishes... not to mention that all their polishes have first names.. I really wish they'd make a Desiree. That would make my year SO amazing! haha.

From the top and going left  we have: Yummy, Mimi, Tallulah, and Sloane

A closer view; I know my pictures aren't great.. these were all taken before I had the mindset to blog!

REALLY bad swatches and only one coat. Index is Sloane, middle is Tallulah, ring is Yummy, and pinkie is Mimi!

The star of my haul?
Sloane!! I love her so much! But I'm more of a vampy kind of girl when it comes to polish in the fall. Sloane is absolutely going to be the star of my nails this season. 

And last but not least, I don't know if there is a universal rule about not posting pictures of ourselves on our blogs, but I had such an incredible time at my early birthday dinner last night with friends, that I wanted to post my favorite picture from the evening. 

We have me in front (from the left), then Spen'sar who is the mommy to my niece who is due to be born in December (we are not real sisters, more like... surrogate sisters. We are extremely close.) Then my Summer sky!

And this.. is my personality at its finest! I'm sure ya'll really wanted to see this! 

Again, if there is some rule to not posting personal pictures on a nail/whatever blog, please let me know. I don't want to break any rules! Haha, but I'm still new to all of this! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend... less than 14 hours til my birthday! I'll be halfway to 30... sighhh.

So ready for fall!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
I was originally going to make my first "real" post be about my favorites... my favorite nail polish, my favorite movie, color, make-up... but THEN, I did this manicure today, and have absolutely fallen in love,... I feel that the more I paint my nails fall colors,.. the quicker the season will actually come! And welcome to those who have actually taken the time to start following such a newb as me! Having 3 followers right now gives me encouragement...

Keep in mind that I'm still kind of new to this whole blogosphere, and new to polish in general. So my nails are not going to be perfect works of art right off the bat, nor are my pictures going to be superb as I'm still getting in the swing of things. Honestly, I was never much of a nail polish person, til I met one of the most amazing girls in my life... Summer over at Groupie Glam helped inspire my nail polish obsession. Before her and her enlightenment on the wonderful world of polish, I had maybe.. 5 or 6 basic colors in my collection... Its now grown to almost 40 in a few short months... thats A LOT of polish for me... especially being someone that used to let my nails chip like crazy and not care about it... I could literally go WEEKS without a new manicure or painting my nails. Now, I can barely stand for one small nick or chip before I'm instantly removing the current polish and replacing it with something else fabulous.

I'm really already starting to think I need a nail polish intervention... but! On with my look for today... I've wanted Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtream Wear in Pumpkin Spice since I first saw it swatched somewhere else... I can't remember where! I was at my local Walgreen's and found the last bottle.. so I snatched it up... Below is the result.

Forgive the lack of clean-up.... I tend to do my nails at work (so odd, I know) and I didn't really take the time to clean them up today... OR file them into proper shapes. This is 3 coats of Pumpkin Spice layered over 2 coats of Fingerpaints Where Art Renoir?

The not so great lighting at home.

Under a lamp.. I wish I had thought to take a picure in the sunlight... these pictures just DON'T do this Pumpkin Spice justice... I think it will probably be my go to glitter for fall... Have I mentioned that I LOVE glitter?