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Saturday, September 10, 2011
"We are joined by the bonds of love. And you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds. And you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords."
~The Princess Bride

SOOOO. I know I said I was going to try to have a no buy September or October,... well. That all COMPLETELY went down the drain. However, I'm justifying by saying.. I will only buy polish if a) I have a coupon for Sallys b) if Walgreens has amazing sales on Sinful Colors/Wet N Wild and c) if I find a goooood deal. With that being said, I've made a couple "mini" hauls the last few days. The first was Friday morning on my way to work, and the second... Today at Sally's. Gotta love the 15% off coupons in the mail.

My first haul was Walgreens + OPI Absolutely Alice which I had been lusting after for the longest time:
L to R we have: Sugar Sugar - Sinful Colors; Ebony Hates Chris - Wet n Wild; How I Met Your Magenta - Wet n Wild; Rich in Heart - Sinful Colors. ANDDDD the star of this set is, OPI Absolutely Alice. Which a friend of mine ordered from a friend of hers.. and now.. it is my new favorite in my collection :D

My second haul was today,... I got my 15% off coupon in the mail from Sallys, so of course... I can't turn that down:
L to R we have: California Mango cuticle remover; CG in the City - China Glaze (from the Metro Collection);  Midtown Magic - China Glaze (from the Metro Collection); Dorothy Who? - China Glaze (from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection); California Mango cuticle oil; and just a little blinged out nail file I got for .69 cents.

I'm still not exactly QUITE sure why I got Dorothy Who, other than I want to see for myself if it is anything like Absolutely Alice from OPI,... man I'm so in love with Absolutely Alice.. but it is the WORST polish in the world I've ever had to take off! For now, I'll bid you adieu and hope that you are having a fantastic weekend... :)


Beauty on a College budget said...

I honestly wasn't impressed by OPI's alice in wonderland collection. I expected better. Since you shop at Sally's (I LOVE that place) then you know of finger paints. They have a dupe of blue glitter polish for absolutely alice/Dorothy who.