Friday, September 16, 2011
‎"if you want to get love, then give it. if you want to feel some forgiveness, then you gotta let go and do some forgiving of your own. if you want a friend, then be one. a little kindness, show some. you'll be surprised at how much finds it way back home. it don't matter what  it is. if you want it... give."
-LeAnn Rimes

In honor of a very special anniversary to me today, I present to you a very simple mani... 14 months ago today I met the one that would forever alter the course of where I thought my life was going. My best friend, my compass, and the apple of my eye. Never in my life did I dream I could love someone this much. Yellow is his favorite color. Honestly. I hate yellow. I rarely wear it and I rarely ever wear it on my nails. However, I am lemming for Pippa by Zoya,... anyway. I didn't really have time to do anything super elaborate, and lets face it guys, I'm still kinda learning... lol. But I did want to honor the occasion in a way that only we will notice... (:

The colors: Sinful Colors - All About You; Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow; Sinful Colors - Lets Meet; Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.

I started with a base coat, then one coat of Snow Me White,... Only because I find it makes the yellow show up better than having to do 3 or 4 coats. Then did 2 coats of Mellow Yellow, which... honestly. I've had for awhile and am starting to hate.. I sponged a bit of Lets Meet over top of the yellow, THEN of course had to add my glitter, which was All About Me.

I really did kind of like this,... but it was WAY too much yellow for my taste...

So after sponging on Lets Meet (which was literally such a subtle affect but I LOVED it -- I couldn't capture it in a picture), I added All About Me... all in all I'm pretty happy with this.. mainly because I didn't have many creative juices flowing, and its yellow without being TOO yellow for my tastes. This has no top coat at the moment.

The ONLY thing I hated about this.. is using a white base. and its SO difficult for me to get it all covered.. you know.. the shaky hands bit...but I'm pretty satisfied. With that being said; does anyone recommend an excellent base and top coat? I've heard seche vite makes polish peel,.. I usually use Gelous over any glitter mani's I do and I think it is excellent.. my main go to top coat is actually Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.. so I'm trying to explore different top coats/base coats... right now I'm just using a generic base coat from Sally's.

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend... (:


Brittany Elaine said...

Gorgeous colors! ♥

Katja said...

I love the colors! :)

MadisonTheresa said...

I've got yellow nails right now too! You've inspired me to share my nail polish collection

Thanks for the lovely comment & follow too!

New follower >>

Melu103 said...

congrats love!

i am happy for you and your love <3
for many more to come right?!

i love the yellow nails!
they look really good with
the touch of gold

how was your weekend?