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Monday, October 10, 2011
"Dont repeat chapters; the story will never change."

Hey ya'll... hope everyone is doin' well! Have a couple of things today.. 1st, courtesy of Melu and her instructions, I created myself a little button,... I dont expect many people to grab it as I don't have that many followers, but I thought it was a pretty nifty idea! 2nd, I've been blessed with some awards, which I will be blogging about ASAP, thank you ladies for recognizing me... :) and 3rd... My brother left to go back home, so my blogging should get back to a fairly regular schedule! Today I have for youuuu... Lemon Fizz from China Glaze, Fairy dust from China Glaze, and Ebony Hates Chris from Wet n Wild!

The result! You can BARELY see the fairy dust, but its there! Since I do not currently have dotting tools, I was going to use a toothpick to make dots... well.. that didn't really go over well, as you can see,... so instead of getting discouraged and immediately taking this off, I decided to name it,... inkblot! Yes yes I know... so original,... I actually wore this for 3 days, lol. Thats like a record for me now!

This was
-1 coat of beauty secrets base coat
-3 coats of lemon fizz
-1 coat of fairy dust on all nails except accent
-1 inkblot of ebony hates chris on accent finger
-1 coat of poshe

With flash... I actually LOVE this yellow very very much... and I swore to myself I'd always hate yellow!

natural light in the car.

perfect shot of the ink blot, haha.

I feel a little proud of myself, because I've noticed with each post, my application of polish is getting way better,... I legit used to have polish all over my fingers when I first started this,.. because I really wasn't used to painting my nails... this weekend is the longest I've gone without having SOMETHING on my nails in almost 3 months.... thats CRAZY to me! 

Happy Monday everybody! How was your weekend?


Melu103 said...

hi love!

:D i got some great

nail polishes this weekend

you gonna love them

i am posting the pics tomorrow!


JeNeal said...

Cute Nails!!! Glad you stopped by my blog!!!! YOu asked what Linking up was so I thought I'd let you know... If you saw at the bottom of my post there was a button that said "your next" well.. if you click that it takes you to a place where you can pick one of your POSTS that is ABOUT YOU and link it up.. adding your Post to my page.. along with others that have decided to join.. That not make full sense if it doesn't Email me and I can get more details for you!!!

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