Mini sale/swap. Literally.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
So, theres no "real" blog post today, but I wanted to let you ladies know... Recently I bought 3 of the Milani holographic polishes, and I've learned that holo's just really aren't up my alley, SO. There is no need in keeping them in my stash if I'm never going to use them. I have Hi-Res, Cyberspace and Digital.

Is there anyone reading that might be interested in either buying them or swapping? I'm down for whatever. I'll swap you my 3 for your 1, or sell them fairly cheap. I just want to give them a new home, since I know after swatching them, I'm NEVER going to actually use them.

Leave me a comment if you're interested :)


Polish AMOR said...

I have these ..... Haven't used them yet .. hope u find a home for gthem soon