About Moi!

Thank you for visiting me! Welcome to The Princess & the Polish... I recently underwent a name change from Gorgeous in Wonderland, so if you're wondering why this random new blog is there... that's why. ;) I am a fan of all things girly and am always such a kid at heart, so when my sister Spen'sar mentioned the new name, it stuck with me and I had to use it... I truly believe every woman is a princess at heart... I love unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and all kinds of girly things.. chances are, you'll see them around here quite often. My blog doesn't centralize on one topic. Its personal at times. Its makeup at times. Its polish more often than not. I hope that you enjoy being here. :)

But my name is DesirĂ©e. I'm obsessed with hello kitty (i have a zombie hello kitty tattoo!). Marilyn Monroe is one of my biggest idols. I'm a hoarder of nail polish and makeup. Tattoos are definitely my biggest form of expression. I love love love quotes. I'm all the time posting quotes somewhere. I'm a lover and a dreamer. Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze will always be my first loves. I love pink & black... they should be the only colors on the color wheel ;). I love zebra print, cherry blossoms, and Heavenly by Victorias Secret. I'm a big city girl living in a smallish town. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX, but now live in Tennessee. Obsessed with Hello Kitty. Love, love, love reality tv. It rots my brain. The Walking Dead is my #1 favorite series. I'm totally terrified of the dark... and I may SOMEtimes still sleep with a stuffed animal. I love baby elephants.  I think they are one of the cutest things on earth. I love Starbucks, but only frozen drinks.. without any coffee in it.