nail mail v.2

Monday, March 12, 2012

I have more nail mail. lol. This is one of my last big hauls before I try to slow down. I recently joined a Birthday Club through PaA, and the ladies (and gentleman) are amazing, so I'm going to focus more on getting them their presents.. Hopefully it will help me with a no-buy for myself unless I ABSOLUTELY have to have it. I'm going to focus on working through my un-trieds (I have about 100 I'd say).. I have some more nail mail heading my way, but after I receive all that, I'm definitely going to try to slow down my polish hoarding. This time my nail mail is from NinjaPolish! Pretty amazing site... they're mostly sold out of stuff right now.. But for an order of $35 bucks you get free shipping.. and the shipping was super fast. I think I ordered in the middle of the week, and I had in my hands by Saturday! There was also a mis-label issue with one of the light bulb polishes, and they're sending me the replacement for free, and I get to keep the mis-labeled one! I haven't done research yet to see which it is.. maybe you guys can tell me!?

The packaging.. just a regular flat rate envelope.. :)

It was all bubble wrapped snuggly tight! 

A lovely clear holder thingie.. from Jessica Cosmetics.

All the polishes that I got were Jessica Cosmetic polishes... I LOVED the bottles on these. 

Just an extra pic of my sweet pup making an appearance! 

Funky town & Shake your Booty

Scene Stealer & Girls night Out.

Shopping Spree.

Lucky Star and Starry Night... She sent me an email saying one of these is labeled wrong, but from research, it looks like they are labeled right!

PS... Please help welcome my sissy Spen'sar into the blogging world.. she began her first blog today, and she will be using it to document things for her little precious baby, Laila. Her link is


Spen'Sar said...

Thanks for helping me figure out this blog thing! I'd be lost without you! Love You!

Polish AMOR said...

thats an awesome haul.. I'm surprised you didnt buy any frankens :-P but then again, they were probably all sold out. Awee you got your sis into blogging how cool.. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

this is SO CUTE! i need those nail colors!

Elsha.Rae said...

i have to always have nail polish on my fingernails its an obsession to say the least! love all the colors along with your adorable blog!