sweet dreams.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
"Happy are those who dream dreams... and are willing to pay the price to make them come true." -Anonymous

Today... I have another one of my new favorites. I should have NEVER purchased my first Deborah Lippmann polish, because its opened the door to all these amazing possibilities.. and having extra money from a bonus at work is NOT going to help my cause, lol. This lovely.. is Sweet Dreams. It is absolutely STUNNING... I love flakie polishes.. I have picked up so many flakie's in the last coupla months that its seriously sickening. One of my favorite colors is pink. So pink base + gold flakie=must have. It was super super hard to capture the beauty of this polish... I dont have a fancy camera or anything like that... I use my iPhone for all my pictures... I dont believe that I have to have a fancy camera to blog, I don't blog to impress people.. ya know what I mean? I blog to share my new found love for all things polish... and share with you guys my obsession./end tangent. The wear on this is amazing. I put it on Monday night, and it hasn't chipped not one bit. Thats pretty shocking to me, because I'm notorious for abuse on my nails and usually have a lot of tip wear in the first day of wearing a polish. 

This is in natural light... we haven't had an overwhelming amount of sunlight the last few days, so this was as close as I could get it. 

Lamp light.. its STILL so pretty even when you can't see the flakies. 

Indoor light.

Look at that PINKIE!!


CottonCandyINK said...

lovely glitter polish

Spaceinvaders said...

Ooohhh lippmann lacquer, I'm jealous!

Katja said...

It's so pretty! :)


ginanorma said...

OOoooh I've been wanting one of hers, so it's worth it?!! Glad you shared!

Polish AMOR said...

ohhhh sooo pretty! i think you are hooked on DL now :)