Checking in.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Hey guys... Just checking in.. letting you know I haven't abandoned this blog. I definitely have intentions on still posting here, but I feel like nail polish was starting to over-take my life a little bit so I decided to step back for awhile. Its kind of like I was substituting a material thing for anything else that was lacking in my life. I kind of get sick now thinking about how much money I've blown on nail polish in just the last 6 months since I've been hoarding it.

My plan of action at this point is to stop buying frivolously and begin focusing on the collection I already have, eventually focusing on stamping, and maybe foraying a little into nail art if I can steady my hands. I have plans on some new things entering the blog here, such as my favorite products, maybe even outfit's of the day... you know, just little things to spice it up a bit so I'm not SO focused on nail polish as a whole. 

Love you all.


Polish AMOR said...

I was wndering were u were ... Yay for not buyint not only if I could do it too :(