Potential blog sale?

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Just a quick little post... I'm actually looking at all my nail polish today, and for some reason I'm really disgusted with the amount I have, but can't wear because I have too many... I'd rather give them new homes than continue to hold on to them just to have a huge stash... so my question is this: are there any of you, my lovely beautiful readers, that would be interested in taking a look at a blog sale if I put one up and seeing if there is anything you want? I'd make my prices fairly cheap cuz honestly I just want to get rid of some of them, but can't see just giving them away knowing how much I've paid for all this. 


Katja said...

Maybe me? :)


Polish AMOR said...

cool hopefully i can find some goodies :-P

All The Pretty Polish said...

Yay, do a blog sale! I know how you feel, btw. Sometimes I think to myself: does one person really need >400 bottles of polish? I usually snap out of it, but if you don't, deff do a blog sale! :)

Beauty on a College budget said...

Maybe me too? I always love looking at what's up for sale!

Melu103 said...

put them up gorgeous!
you never know :)

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ilovemesomeginger said...

yessssssss please!!